An Urban Oasis

The owners of this central London courtyard wanted a quiet evergreen sanctuary where they could sit and read a book or eat with friends. An antidote to the hustle and bustle of the city life.

Working in central London has its own set of challenges, access and parking immediately come to mind. But our experienced and resourceful team take all these obstacles in their stride.

The initial scheme was designed by George Carter, who created this outdoor room. Our client provided a theatrical focal point, in the shape of a Victorian fireplace. This sits elegantly at the end of the reflective pond. The water and reflection add to the sense of calm. The design is mostly potted using shade tolerant Ferns, Hostas and a beautiful Japanese Acer for flash of vibrant red foliage.  Small scale reclaimed stable pavers give the illusion of added space. Trellis and a wall of greenery are scented with Jasmine. Subtle outdoor lighting, illuminates the pond and dining area. Installing a drainage system in this basement garden prevents waterlogging and makes the garden incredibly low maintenance.


special features

Shade tolerant evergreen planting scheme

Water feature

Maximising a small space

Installation of drainage system

Central London




“The garden looks stunning, a most glorious sight. We’re really grateful.”

Alan Rickman, London.